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Welcome to

Rochester Diocese Mothers Union
Reaching Out As Rochester


Branch Membership - based on your parish

Mothers Union groups, often based in churches, are an ideal way to meet like-minded people, to enjoy fellowship, and to work together to improve family life right at the grassroots level, within a local community.

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Finance & diocesan Services

The MSH 2019 subscription will be £14 per annum.  

All members whether Branch, IMPC or Diocesan  pay a subscription  of £25 comprising:  £14 MSH; £11 RDMU subs including Newsletter

Annual Returns are due in and forms should be with Treasurers for completion and return to our Diocesan Treasurer by 31 January 2019

All members will continue to receive a free copy of the Families Worldwide magazine which is published twice a year and contains news and information about our worldwide links together with daily prayer points and details of the continuous wave of prayer.

Some branches have to pay for their meeting place and other local expenses so a small sum may be added locally to the subscription to cover these costs

Diocesan Membership for busy people

Do you like the Mothers Union mission and values, but feel unable to commit your time to it on a regular basis?

You will be able to support the work of the Mothers Union nationally and internationally through your subscription and will receive Mothers Union publications including the free magazine Families Worldwide and the Rochester diocesan Newsletter.  

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Membership Services